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Offer for companies

Offer for companies

We organize various types of training dedicated to hotels and restaurants, culinary and pastry workshops, training sessions for waiters as well as team-building company meetings. We can combine them with tailor-made business training events aimed at improving hard or soft skills such as: negotiation, communication or motivation.

We are able to prepare workshops on a topic of your choice, invite excellent chefs and confectioners to run them, provide additional attractions in the form of competitions, meetings with sommeliers or baristas - matching the needs and expectations of the client.


  • more than 500 m² of space in the revitalized, red brick building of the Zenit factory in the very center of Łódź
  • 2 confectioneries with 12 workstations each and the possibility of combining them into one large room
  • a culinary room with 12 workstations
  • a conference room with 50 m² of area
  • atmospheric foyer
  • free parking on site


Contact us:

(+48) 42 942 09 88

biuro czynne: 8:30 - 16:30

Regulamin Ashanti
Polityka prywatności Ashanti

Międzynarodowa Szkoła Sztuki Kulinarnej
H. Sienkiewicza 82/84 | 90-318 Łódź
NIP: 7262657727

Numer konta do płatności w PLN:
20 1020 3352 0000 1002 0221 7339

Numer konta do płatności w EUR:
PL23 1020 3352 0000 1302 0232 9464