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Daniel Alvarez - Sweet Devotion

Daniel Alvarez - Sweet Devotion

Sweet Devotion, a contemporary approach to artisanal viennoiserie 

Lightness, the aroma of butter, the intensity and spontaneity of a panettone, the always constant doughs -croissant, mille-feuilles, palmeras, ensaimadas, Neapolitans. Few were taken seriously, but now they claim stardom. Daniel Alvarez is perhaps one of the professionals who has believed in them the most. This book is born with the musical title of "Sweet Devotion" and is born from this chef’s eclectic career. 

It is time to place the puff pastry and brioches in the gastronomic place that they deserve. Daniel Alvarez was tired of finding books that barely explained anything, when these products are much more than simple recipes. That is why more than 600 photos have been divided into dozens of step-by-step instructions, a lot of techniques, tips, and advice with which to achieve success in a puff pastry or in the fermentation of a panettone.

The art of integrating butter into a dough

Butter is one of the main protagonists of pastries. Delicacy and nobility shine among its virtues, but they cannot be separated from the complexity of its manipulation and the great importance that its integration demands in a dough, whether brioche, croissant or puff pastry. In #SweetDevotion, the keys to obtaining a perfect glutinous mesh in doughs like brioche are approached, to not be lost along the way. The key aspects are also exhibited to achieve a light, well-caramelized, regular puff pastry.

The best European specialties with an artisan touch

In more than 250 pages, Daniel Álvarez goes through the fundamental specialties of European pastries, from the mythical croissant to the palmier and the millefeuille, passing through kouglofs, panettones, ensaimadas and other specialties that have achieved universal fame. All of them go through the sensibility of the author, who gives each result a touch of proximity, accentuating the flavors of the Mediterranean shore from which he works (almond, olive oil, lemon ...)



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